Company Formation

Establishing a new business requires a lot to perform, manage and address. We have designed a Holistic Company Formation package in this regard for you at a nominal cost.

Complimentary Services for Company Formation

 You will find many agents offering services in this head in the UK. For the competitive edge, we extend our package to internal legal expert opinions relating to;

  • Agreement with Shareholders
  • Advice for forming your Articles of Association following the standard or making some changes
  • Consultancy on declaring share capital and for various categories of shares and dividend policies
  • Guide on reliable Tax Structure

 We have our services ready no matter if you are setting up a company from scratch or have been working as Sole Proprietor. We will let you drive through the process and liaise your company with the concerned authority.

You call for incorporation comes up with various factors. It could be the least turnover, revenue, profits or you customers either in the form of consumers or the businesses. We will provide you with the techniques to weigh these things, but for now, we recommended you to use our Sole Trader vs Limited Company Quiz in making the right decision.

After your final decision to incorporate, formalities and responsibilities like registration with HMRC for corporation tax, the appointment of directors, payroll and VAT, allocation of shares, understanding of salaries and dividends, and opening of a bank account are on us.

In case you are not a UK national and need a business account of UK, you have the opportunity to make use of our authorized signatory service. It will be essential for you if you are looking for a new business bank account.

If you are interested in establishing a limited company, you can contact us for getting all the information about our Authorized Signatory Service and Company Formation Package.

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