Energy and Natural Resources

The resources that come into presence by nature without any human efforts are called natural resources. This includes the resources on soil, such as sunlight, atmosphere, water, minerals in the soil, and animals, which are majorly divided into two major categories non-renewable and renewable resources. The level of obtain ability of both renewable and non-renewable resources has a great influence on the economy, and their exploration and exploitation can have great impacts on the advancement of the living standards of human beings.

Challenges to Energy and Natural Resources Sector

The key challenges a business related to natural resources and energy can face are regulatory barriers, environmental impacts, public & media criticism, labor incentives, heavy investment, sustainability, and retention of key staff. So the businesses necessitate short-term plus long-term plans to abate its footprints on the environment as well as fulfill all the relevant regulations.


Over the period of 30 years, ProAccountax has been serving a variety of businesses from different industries and sectors and, more specifically with numerous energy and natural resources businesses that make us knowledgeable of the importance of tax planning, and international standard financial reporting for the respective businesses operating in the sector. We have a well-managed portfolio of clients operating in the energy and natural resources fields such as mining metals, oil, and gas exploration, and fabrication.

Team of Experts

Here at ProAccountax, we have a devoted and highly qualified team of accounting and taxation experts who have vast experience in dealing with energy and natural resources sector businesses and helping them grow and expand. Our accountants are experts in helping clients in solving their tax issues and complying with the related regulations set by the HMRC and other regulatory authorities. Our team is aware of the challenges and obstacles that businesses in the energy and natural resources sector can face as well as the best possible solutions and tactics to deal with them expertly. Our varied experience can help in the sustainability and progress of your business and can afford the best concrete way outs across a variety of areas such as fluctuations to regulations, reporting needs, and tax and compliance criteria.

Our Key Services for Businesses in Energy and Natural Resources Sector

For businesses from the energy and natural resources sector, we offer a vivid range of accountancy and business consultancy services at very affordable rates. Our key services include:

  • International Standard financial reporting
  • Monthly accounting or Xero support
  • All kinds of taxation services
  • Xero implementation and support
  • Management accounts
  • Tax-efficient resources of holding and gratifying key staff and executives
  • PAYE registration and Payroll services
  • Trademark registration service
  • Support with monitoring compliance impacting the industry
  • Support in HMRC inquiries & investigations
  • Company formation
  • Annual return submission
  • Counseling on dividends and least possible wages

If you are facing difficulties with your taxation or other functions of your business, ProAccountax is the best choice to get appropriate solutions at a very reasonable fee.

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