Leisure and Hospitality

Among the rapidly growing and most competitive industries in the UK, the hospitality and leisure industry is best known. It holds a vivid range of facilities and services, including hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants and bars, transportation, event management, and many others. The leisure, hospitality, and tourism sector are facing a number of challenges because changing rules and evolving accounting criterions. Due to the abrupt and meager effects of changing policies by the HMRC, particularly inconsistent tax rates of IHT, CGT, and Income tax, the rise, and fall of this industry mainly depend on the economic condition of the country.

Are you seeking for certified public accountants specialized in the leisure & hospitality sector? ProAccountax is the right platform to have them.

ProAccountax supports:

  • Bars and pubs
  • Night clubs
  • Travel agents
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food franchises
  • Corporate hospitality companies
  • Caterers
  • Franchisees
  • Coffee bars
  • Outdoor leisure companies
  • Gambling and Gaming

Take Advantage of ProAccountax’s Expertise

ProAccountax has a team of designated accounting and taxation experts who are fully efficient in dealing exclusively with the leisure and hospitality clients. They have extensive experience in dealing with the tax and accounting matters of the respective industry. Being a wise business owner, if you are looking for a specialist and profound team of the leisure and hospitality team for getting expert advice, we are the perfect choice to get desired advice and help. Our award-winning team of accounting experts is efficient enough to provide you taxation, bookkeeping, and financial reporting services to clients from every corner of the UK and from small independent local businesses to big sized franchises f multinational companies.

Having an organized portfolio, we are fully aware of the potential and unique issues of the industry and tactics to deal with them in effective ways. From travel agents’ financial reports to hotels’ tax planning, we have a vast experience to deal with multiple businesses in efficient ways.

Accounting Services for Leisure and Hospitality Businesses

We offer assistance for accountancy and taxation services for the leisure and hospitality sector in order to facilitate related businesses in dealing with legal and financial matters in the best possible manner. The following are some of the many unbeatable services that we provide to the hospitality and leisure industry.

Accountancy, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services

We are offering a compact package of accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation services that are essential to keep any business compliant and competent to fulfill the legal requirements by the HMRC and Companies House. Our accounting and taxation experts are fully efficient to help our clients to meet the changing accounting standards.

Accounts Management

ProAccountax provides services regarding accounts management on monthly, quarterly, and any desired interims in order to keep the business planning and decision-making process smooth.

Employment Tax Planning

Our payroll experts are efficient enough to cope with retaining and rewarding key employees and workers through developing tax-efficient employee remuneration arrangements.

Value Added Tax

Taxation experts at ProAccountax provide complete assistance and perfect advice to our clients across the leisure and hospitality industry regarding dealing with VAT registration, and filing returns accurately. Our tax solicitors prepare and submit returns within the specified time and with accurate details from the ticketing of theme parks to the complex inferences of the travel agents’ margin schemes.

Business Support

Our accountants and business consultants provide complete peace of mind to our clients to enable them to pay complete attention to the key business operations that often become hard due to coping with complexities of the accounting and taxation matters. By outsourcing your payroll and accounting functions to ProAccountax can help you focus on the growth and stability of your businesses.

Xero Implementation, Training and Continuing Support

The businesses that do not want to outsource their accounting and payroll functions at all, we offer Xero implementation, training, and continuing support services as an alternative to outsourcing as we are up to assist you in mounting strong yet robust internal accounting and payroll mechanism. We can also help you in empowering your staff to run the developed accounting and payroll systems in order to prevent you from bearing any legal complexities due to errors and missing deadlines.

Personal Tax Management

ProAccountax has the skills and expertise to deal with simple tax return filing to intricate inheritance and capital gains tax return preparation and submission. We offer a vivid range of personal tax management services for directors and business owners. You can also take advantage of our consultation facility regarding minimum wages and dividends at regular intervals.

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