Trademark Registration

A trademark is a distinguishable sign, group of words, phrase, insignia, or a design that represents a specific brand and differentiates its products from other similar products available in the market. In other words, a trademark particularly represents a company’s ownership of a brand, and it also gives an identity to the products of the respective brand and company.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

A business can build a brand status by giving excellent value to its customers without any kind of fear of identity loss. There are multiple benefits of a registered trademark, such as:

Protection against Breach:

None of the businesses and individuals can make use of words or logos registered under your trademark. On the other hand, if anyone uses it without your consent or approval or makes any deceptive use of it, you will have the right to get legal protection under the specified regulations and can stop that business or individual from doing so.

Builds Customers’ Trust:

Trademark registration helps your customers to believe in your commitment to your brand and providing them with excellent value in terms of product quality and services. It exclusively helps businesses in increasing customers’ loyalty and trust in their products and services.

Asset Creation:

Trademark registration engenders an intangible asset such as intellectual property for the respective company or organization. A registered trademark can be sold, franchised, or assigned. It also gives the right of licensing to the respective brand or company and assists them to attract more people and investors.

Things to Do before Registering a Trademark

Before going for applying to get your trademark registered, the following aspects are essential to be considered:

Perform a Check on Your Desired Trademark

Earlier to apply for the trademark registration, make sure that your designed trademark is not

  • Containing any aggressive words, images, or signs
  • Exactly similar or associated with any other brand
  • Mistaken or deceptive
  • In 3D format
  • Containing any national or very common symbol

If you are sure about your trademark’s uniqueness and authenticity after fulfilling these requirements, you can go for the next important step. Otherwise, you have to eradicate the faults in your trademark to get it registered.

Trademark Research

It is very significant to find whether your trademark is already registered or not. In the case of the already existence of your desired trademark, you have the option to get an approval letter from the respective company and submit it along with your registration application. In this regard, to perform proper research, you can make use of trademark number, owner name, and any keyword or image.

Trademark attorneys and solicitors can help you in getting your trademark registered by fulfilling all the legal requirements for a new trademark. Also, if you are interested in registering an existing one, they can guide you and assist you in acquiring the letter of consent from the respective individual or business.

How much it costs?

The initial fee for the trademark registration is £100 that will be paid to the regulatory authority. For each class in which you want to get your trademark registered, you have to pay £50 additionally for each. To maximize the trademark protection, you have to get it registered in all relevant classes.

How Much Time Does It Take?

After the successful submission of your trademark registration application, it takes 20 days to get feedback on it. If your application does not face any objection from the examiner, your trademark will be published in the national trade journal for two months for observing any kind of opposition against it. If it does not face any opposition, you will be awarded the authorization certificate. Otherwise, you can withdraw your application or make a settlement with the opposition in this regard. In this case, your registration application procedure will proceed until complaints are not fixed.

How Can ProAccountax Help You?

Having a vast experience of dealing with multiple trademark registration matters, ProAccountax knows no limits in this aspect. Our expert team of trademark attorneys and business consultants provide the best possible trademark suggestions for the client businesses that practically represent the desired image of the business to its targeted audience. Our solicitors go with a procedural approach that enables them to make the entire trademark registration process easy and faster with the least possible objections.

In case, if the regulatory authorities make some objections to our client’s registration application, our experts are exceptional to resolve such issues with the minimum possible involvement by our clients. We provide our services at affordable rates to facilitate our clients in every possible way. ProAccountax guarantees the smooth, timely, and secure trademark registration that can give your business a new identity in the market, help you in building customers’ trust and expressing core values of your business.

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